I design digital products and experiences for users humans



My experience combines design thinking, lean startup and agile methodologies - I approach problems using first principles thinking; deconstructing everything in order to reveal fundamental truths before attempting any kind of solutioning.

I always ask why before asking how in order to call myself a truly human-centered designer. I seek to understand everything and I enjoy sharing my learnings in writing, check out this article I wrote about design thinking.



As a product designer with T-shaped skills, I offer both breadth and depth of knowledge with a balance of business acumen and creativity. I am committed to bringing a thoughtful and unique perspective to teams tackling complex challenges. Previously, I have worked in digital marketing, sales, customer service and film.

Combining critical thinking with an aptitude for learning, empathy, conscientiousness and passion for design - I am driven to elevate and optimize human experience and digital wellbeing through humane technology.


Portfolio will be available in May 2021. Please reach out if you would like to schedule a private walkthrough.


CASE STUDY: 10 week product design

Designing the anti-multitasking app

Role: Lead Product Designer

Myndflo is an iOS brain-computer interface to help users focus on what matters most, one thing at a time, and regain personal autonomy. Click to view a quick demo video.


CASE STUDY: 24 hour hackathon

Multi-disciplinary team challenge

Role: UX Designer

How can Shutterstock leverage data and insights to create a competitive advantage? And how can data and insights be uniquely woven into the experience to offer a differentiated and desirable experience for users?


CASE STUDY: 5 day design sprint

Bringing the in-store experience online

Role: UX Designer

How might we bring brick and mortar sensory experiences online so that consumers around the world can get enriched shopping experiences like they may get in-store?


CASE STUDY: 2 week redesign

Heuristic evaluation and redesign

Role: UX Designer

My team and I conducted a heuristic evaluation and completed a redesign for Amazon. How might we improve the end-to-end Subscribe & Save customer journey on the Android mobile app?

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